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Book 11

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The third part of the Teaching of the Himalayan adept, Djwhal Khul, synthesis of science and esoteric

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The Future: Meaning of life. Copyright © 2015 by Tatiana Danina

Translation from Russian by Tatiana Danina
e-mail: danina.t@yandex.ru  

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Preface number 2.
01. Is really the life only on the Earth possible?
02. Life is a universal phenomenon. The purpose of God.
03. Let’s talk about the End of the World and the meaning of life.
04. Basic Information on the foundations of the universe.
05. So what is radioactivity?
06. Radioactivity can be different.
07. Shroud of Turin.
08. The lake Rakshastal is more radioactive and holier
       than the lake Manasarovar.
09. The meaning of life.
10. Radioactive fragrance is ascension of Matter to Heaven.
      Fifth Element.
11. Monad. Portal of dedication (Heavenly Gate).
12. Dedication.
13. The mechanism of production of radioactive fragrance.
14. The worlds of Robert Monroe.
15. “Loosh / love”
16. “The Rose of the World" by Daniel Andreev.
      Angelic and demonic worlds.
17. The nature of materiality of the light and dark worlds.
18. What is a Logos?
19. Involution and evolution.
20. The books of Kryon.
21. The books that are worth reading.

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth...
(Revelation of St. John the
      Evangelist, 21:1)


We present to your attention our dilogy on the future of the Earth and humanity.
The first book is preceded the second, revealing the mystery of the meaning of our lives. Why do we exist on this planet Earth? What keeps us here? What common is between the scent of a flower, a radioactive atomic radiation, the glowing of stars and a person, who shows the best qualities of the soul? If you want to know it, this book is for you.
If you are interested in your future and the future of humanity, we offer to your attention the second book of dilogy.
It examines in detail the stages of the End of The World, its causes and hidden meaning. This is a popular topic, and it’s easy to understand. But despite the many false predictions of doomsday, it, nevertheless, will come. And the understanding of the meaning of our lives will help to realize why the final of humanity is inevitable.
Both books are two parts of one whole. And both are the continuation of the series “The Teaching of Djwhal Khul”.
Where from are the ideas for books in this series?
This occurs in such way.
I live like everyone else. At the same time, at some moment, I feel that certain thoughts begin to come into my head.
For example, for this book, I began to get ideas about the future of the Earth, humanity and the universe. Of course, I am always strongly interested in these questions. And how could it be otherwise - that's the main thing that can be in life - to find out who we are and where from. How can you live and do not understand where we are going and what is our purpose, what is the meaning of our existence!
However, I used to endlessly ask these questions ... and to no avail. There were glimpses of understanding, and nothing more.
And only now, when my desire to know coincided with the intention of the Planetary Hierarchy of Light to disclose this information, I was allowed to get it.
And not only get, but also to begin to write a book on this subject. Because people need to realize their future, in order to begin to change the present.
So, I begin to write.
But before, I should formulate the highlights in the consciousness.
I get a thought-package. It contains the idea that I should meditate, expand and get more information.
And the work begins. I focus and try to catch, understand the topic.
Ideas like clouds. It’s easy to frighten away and lose them, if we digress, and this is happening at the very beginning. In the future, they are fixed, covered at first by mental matter, and then by astral, made concrete. Ideas are transformed into thoughts, thoughts into words. Thus are born books.
In the books of this series, including this one, you will often find narration as from one person (me), and a few (we). Do not marvel at this. My mind at the time of reception of ideas merges with the consciousness of the transmitting Teacher. So do not be surprised the changing of "I" and "we" in the text.
In this paper we described the expected future of humanity. However, the exact details are not fully known even to those who instructed me to write about this.
So try to perceive all in the book not through the prism of faith (using the astral), and to analyze material (mental and buddhi).
I was very struck by the received information. At first it seemed to me that another future is prepared for humanity, but everything turned out differently. And gradually I realized the wisdom of conceived and occurring. Everything in this world is transitory. And we should not be sorry about anything. Instead, we need to look forward and enjoy all that is happening to us, because it is a great spectacle of life. And we are the main actors.
It is not easy to transfer to paper the general perception of the world that accompanies the writer and that is his (her) integral part. But what is such a natural and understandable for me, not necessarily be so for others. We all have different lives. And considering the fact that in this world every moment everything elusively changes, you can imagine how different are perceptions of the world of billions different people.
So my job as a writer is to stop time. At least on paper. I want to draw before your eyes the images and ideas that I see inside me. Not all I distinguish absolutely clearly. But much I can see good enough.
In any case, perceive any information as a hypothesis requiring testing and research, but not as an immediate guide to action. You should to check it out logically. And if your intuition is developed well, necessarily try to use. Then it will be easier to avoid delusions and mistakes. And you will not have to blame anyone in cases of its errors.
It is very difficult to convey in words those grandiose pictures that come into my head when I get the material for the book. We can only hope that you catch the echoes of these foresights.


When we seemingly said everything, there is always something that we would like to add. In letters for this purpose people invented P.S. And what can do a writer in the book? If there arose a number of ideas for foreword, after it has been written.
Well, I solved this problem by creating a Preface № 2. It is in front of you.
Despite the fact that the themes in this book are very serious and interesting for each of the living people, my appeal to you - do not take everything too seriously.
The main precept - rejoice like children. Do not worry. And why should we be worrying if we are all already at home. We did not even go out, just moving in different rooms.
Even such a topic as the end of the world should be perceived by you no more than a game. We play. Sometimes cruel. But it's part of our training. We ourselves wished to do so when descended here.
I wish you exciting reading and investigation of the meaning of life and of our future together with me and those who transmitted this information!


Previously, I always thought that to live on the Earth is well. It’s good at all to live on planets. Reliably ...
And where else to live? I had no idea that it is possible to live anywhere else.
Heaven? From there you can fall ... and fall exactly on the Earth - that is, on the planet. Then why should I seek to heaven when I here on Earth. And there is nowhere else to fall.
It seemed so usual - to dwell on the planet. Being enchained to its surface by gravity - what could be nicer and more naturally!
We lift, feeling the brunt. We omit, experiencing the joy of losing weight. As habitually! That's it - as habitually!
We have grown together with our planet, and we think that there can be anything else.
A long time I have existed with the idea that all creatures in the universe aspire to live on the planets.
How wrong I was! The habitat conditions on planets are the most difficult in the universe. A planet like Earth is the hardest place to life.
Life - is a form of co-existence of different plans (all seven where the seventh - complex) adapted to this particular planet, star, galaxy and so on, up to the Central Celestial Body of the universe. This is what we express by the word "life".
Life is very diverse. Extraordinarily!
How many types of celestial bodies are in the universe, so many is the number of versions of "life".
And, of course, we should not assume that life is something inherent exclusively the Earth!
No! No! No!
Earth is a drop in the infinite ocean of Life!
What is more, this drop is far from perfect and very small.


Among modern scholars (the official direction of science) there is a theory about the uniqueness of the phenomena of life. Another absurdity. Of course, life is the most versatile process in the universe. It is difficult to prove, sitting on Earth in a physical body, chained to the planet by gravity. It is necessary to comprehend this with the help of spiritual practices - meditation, visualization, intuitively.
But this book is written not to scold of somebody. It must help to understand.
Space is God. We live in it, we are part of it. We are its creations.
Why does Space create us?
That's a good question. More precisely, the most important question in our life. Answer it means to know the main purpose of our existence. It is necessary for each of us.
But it is so difficult - to find the answer. You can say a lot of common phrases. But the truth is one, and yet it is fully known only to the source of our life - God. How difficult is to recognize, how difficult is to believe that we have no independent existence. Someday we will disappear in Pralaya, in the Non-existence of Space. But until that will not happen, we need to find something - to find out our goal.
This Universe is a funny thing. It's like an experiment on a gigantic scale. God-Space has a purpose. It is a Silent Witness. It released inside itself myriad of sentient lives - particles. And it observes how they behave themselves. These particles are originally limited by a set of operating factors. We call them the laws of nature.
An example of one of these laws is gravity. There is also anti-gravity - another law-factor that was not understood until by the earth scientists.
There are also other laws.
These primary factors are determined by the Space. These include the structure of particles and that occurs in them. We are talking about a special state of space. We call this state "energy". This energy is at the same time information about the particle, its position in space, contacts with other particles, all its experience. This energy-information appears and disappears in every particle. And in particles of different quality these processes go at different speeds. Hence, there are two main types of particles Yin and Yang. Yin absorbs energy. Yang emits. Yin is responsible for gravity. Yang - for anti-gravity. Their combined action determines all the variety of natural processes and phenomena in the universe, which enumerate here at once we simply can’t. Them very much!
So God created inside itself a huge number of particles and limited the factors of their manifestation and interaction.
The number of particles is strictly defined, but we do not know their exact quantity. Logically, it can be concluded that the number of Yin particles should be equal to the number of Yang. Otherwise, the balance of energy in the universe would be violated. But in reality - half emits the energy, and the other half takes it. That's how the logic comes to our aid.
The number of particles determines the constructed universe, its size, scale, and occurring phenomena. For example, the temperature and luminosity of the heavenly bodies are directly related to the number of chemical elements (and particles). The more of them, the higher the temperature and brightness. These are the laws of ethereal mechanics. We refer you to the book "Teaching Djwhal Khul - Ethereal mechanics» - http://efirnaia-mechanika-djwal-khul.blogspot.ru.
Why did God-Creator exercise this experiment?
I'm afraid that here we will not help to answer this question. It does this for something. We will learn someday.
Dimensions of the Space, for sure, are also very important for the experiment.
Hopefully someday we will know the answers to all these questions. Otherwise, why all this!
God has a purpose - to combine all its Plans.
It is possible that when it reaches that goal, it (God) want to see what will happen next, how these combined particles will behave.
Or there are other universes, with the same conditions for the particles, or may be with others. And maybe, in time, will be opening and integration of different universes.
It's just a guess.
I, as a transmitter of information from Djwhal Khul, can be responsible only for the received impressions. However, I myself can think logically and intuitively, and develop the idea. However, my attempts to understand did not give significant results. Perhaps it is not all information, and Mahatmas know more. But they can’t tell people everything.
So, we will be glad to have at least this and search further, explore.
We will not send now our consciousness far, to God's distant purposes. Especially because they are not yet known for us. Do not forget that we do not even know what is the "God".
Absolute considered unknowable to the human mind. During our evolution and development, for sure, we will be closer to it.
So, if you want to know all this, but you are not able, do not worry and do not despair - you are not alone in your endeavors. We all, the researchers of the universe, living on Earth, are very limited in our capabilities and methods of cognition. God-Creator can’t be placed in a human laboratory.
And now, instead of mourn for the unattainable (unattainable at the moment), let's turn to already known purpose of God. Its purpose can be characterized as the creation of "radioactive fragrance", or as extraction of marble in stone quarries of life experience. Read about this marble in the books of Alice Bailey, there's a lot of information. This last phrase on the marble refers us to Masonry and its symbolism. Marble is the most valuable thing that the Soul can extract from the physical plan. Love, joy, knowledge, will. Everything else is "ordinary stones", and will be discarded. Marble is a radioactive fragrance. Mason means who produces "marble".


Themes of End of the World and the meaning of life are linked very closely. Therefore, we must talk about them simultaneously.
There were already very much of false predictions of the End of humanity, so this topic causes laughter. And all because people poorly understand this matter.
However, we again suggest you to refer to this theme.
Mankind must finally learn what it is in reality and why it has incarnated on the surface of this planet.
It should find and the final plan of what is called the "End of the World". When will it start, how will occur, and what will be the result&
At first this information may seem shocking. But it's true. We should not forget that we all know very little about the world, about that part of it which is called the Unknowable Absolute.
Let's start with the fact that the end of the world may be different. End - this is the cessation of existence of something.
- The End of humanity.
- The End of the Earth.
- The End of the solar system.
- The End of the Universe.
And so on. There are still many variations.
Any termination of existence of something grand - it's a kind of doomsday. The end may come and for Galaxies, and Supergalaxies. Any celestial body, completing the cycle of its development, is going through a state of end, obscuration.
 So we should not be afraid of this phrase. We just need to clarify its meaning as much as possible. It is aware that humanity is not forever, just like this planet. And indeed, this manifested universe is too. After completing their task, all this should naturally disappear. It will be transformed into other forms, will become something else, or just dissolve into nothingness. All this is normal and natural and should not frighten us.
We, humans, are so accustomed to the fact that we live on this Earth, to the fact that we have biological bodies with hands and feet, and completely forget about the possibility of being something else.
But we were different, were incorporeal, disembodied clouds, able to move easily in space, pass through dense bodies, not to eat or drink. We were not bound by gravity, were not enchained to the planet as it is now.
However, we forget.
We forget purposely. Lest the experience of previous lives, sometimes traumatic, does not interfere to start with a clean slate.
Imagine what it would be, for example, for a child to remember that in a previous life he (she) died by painful death. He'd just got sick of memories and did not want to go on living. Therefore blessed be ignorance of childhood!
But with the years, human, already wise and not prone to panic, is able to recall (something or much). And this happens with the spiritually developed people.
So, we are too much accustomed to the image of the earthly life. We get used to walking on the ground, moving our dense bodies, taking a step-by-step. Our gait becomes confident. Gradually we stop to jump and ride as in childhood. Parents raise us and teach us order and peculiarities of life in terms of gravity. They are punishing us, if we drop or spoil things, behave imprudently. Our parents want us to live - unharmed.
However, no in schools, no at home, nobody says us why we live, why we were born. Conversations about the meaning of life among ordinary people are considered as almost something indecent. They strain the brains, distract from the food and other material concerns.
And only another kind of people allows themselves to ask such questions and search for answers.
But think about it. Why do we, disembodied entities that can spend time, tumbling and frolic in the clouds, come down here, on this stronghold of suffering, in this abode of sorrow and pain, to endure the harsh years of prison, confinement in an awkward and clumsy body, and finally become free in the course of death?
Why all this?
Although most of people do not think about this. They just live without worrying about understanding. They believe that everything described - this is real life. But after death it is not known what will happen. Nothingness.
 But this is not the case. Our soul is a bird. Connecting with a dense body, it falls into a small cage, in which it is suffering. This cage is a life on Earth. And in the end, it finds an open door, and flies out into the blue sky, to the sun and the light - this is the moment of death.
That is our inverted thinking. The prison is life for us and deliverance is death.
In reality, dense life is not our habitual state. Our "I", our souls - are butterflies. Our normal state is to flit in the sky, circling in the cosmic flows of energy, flying in the vast expanses of the universe. There - our real life. But here on Earth ...
Yes, what are we doing here on Earth?
The answer is - we work here. We carry out some important mission. But what is the mission?
On the pages of this book we will give an answer.
To do this, we firstly need to understand what is "Radioactivity".
You may ask how such notion, absolutely out of the field of physics, can help us to understand the future of humanity and its mission on the Earth. And we will answer you the following.
This phenomenon represents something much more comprehensive than it assumed in modern science. And, moreover, it completely does not understand by scientists. After all, they do not know yet what makes a chemical element to disintegrate. And they openly admit it.
Secondly, in addition to radioactivity, we need to turn to the field of astronomy and recall what types of planets exist in the solar system. The fact that the type of inhabiting life depends on the type of planet.
And many other things to which we must turn to understand what is “life” and what is its future on the Earth and in the universe.


In the book “God, Space, Thinking Substance” (“The main occult laws and concepts” we gave the basic information about the structure of the universe.
All substance, even of subtle worlds, consists of particles. There are particles of two main types - Yin and Yang, absorbing energy and emitting. Creation and destruction of energy occurs in a particle of any type, but in different proportions and with different speed. Because of this, there exists such variety of different types of particles. All they absorb and emit energy at different rates.
To classify the particles is very convenient to use the system of 4 elements, more precisely, of five, where the fifth element - the four put together. Earth, Fire, Water, Air. Earth creates a little of energy, and destroys much. Fire - creates and destroys much. Water - creates and destroys a little. And Air creates a lot, but destroys a little.
Simultaneously, all particles are grouped in Plans.
Plan is a range of particles destroying energy with a certain velocity. At the same time, there are only three possible speeds of creation of energy. They correspond to the three colors. Blue is the lowest, red - the highest, and yellow - between them.
Within each of the Plan there are sub-Plans. Sub-Plan - this is, in other words, the spectrum, i.e. particles of 6 colors of the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, indigo and purple. Blue is not independent color, and a lighter shade of indigo. It is well expressed in the Earth's atmosphere due to the abundance of water molecules, giving the air a blue tint, which is well visible from a distance, for example, from the cosmos. Due to this the sky is blue.
However, in each sub-Plan there are particles only of three colors. Like everywhere else in the universe!
Everything is made of tiny beads of three colors. Blue (indigo), yellow, red. But they form rainbow, spectrum, only during motion, when there is an association of particles adjacent colors. This is the mechanism of arising of mixed colors - orange, green and purple.
It is not a simple theme. Its basics are discussed in detail in the books “Ethereal mechanics” - http://efirnaia-mechanika-djwal-khul.blogspot.ru and “Optics and color theory” - http://optika-djwal-khul.blogspot.ru.
Spectrum exists only when the particles move. At this moment the particles of adjacent colors have an equal inertial speed. Because of this, they are refracted equally. Refraction is an attraction by material, through which the particles move.
In each sub-Plan the particles of 3 colors also form a range - the range of the rate of destruction of energy. There are red, yellow, blue of upper, middle and lower levels. The particles of the lower level destroy energy at a higher rate, of the upper – with the lowest, and of middle - with an average.
The particles of the lower level of each color are mixed with the particles of the upper level of the neighboring color. So it’s the way of emergence of three additional colors. But they exist only during movement. In reality there are only three primary colors. And in the state of immobility only they exist.
You may ask why all this? How does this relate with future? And I answer – it has the most direct relation. What exactly? You will learn, and soon.
In addition, before thinking about the future, we should well understand the present. Knowing the past and the present, you can even use simple logic and imagine the next moment - that is the future.
Here we give the basis of the universe, which will help you to understand where it is heading, what is its way. And what is the effect of interaction of its elements?
Here we use the scientific world view, calling the basic building blocks of the Universe by elementary particles.
But we should constantly aware that this is nothing more than the pride of the human mind.
Man of Science, blinded by an imaginary omniscience, does not want to make even a tiny step towards religion. He did not admit even the thought that some knowledge is able to come to people from outside, except through analysis and calculations.
And this egotism destroys. It closes for him the door to limitless knowledge, into the unknown. This pride kills the true explorer. Because a real scientist must be sincere to himself and bold. Then no one secret will not sustain in front of his fearlessness and honesty reports.
The particle - this is not a particle, but something unknown. Inconceivable. That from which everything is built. Tiny Intelligent Life. The point of contact of the Creator of itself inside. Spark. Fire. Way. Enigma.
Each particle is simultaneously medium of information and its source. And the information itself - it is energy. It combines and physical properties and informational. And we ourselves are composed of particles and energy-information. We are the energy, and all around us is the ocean of energy-information!
Breathtakingly! As if you find that you are not more than a semblance of a computer program, which can be modified, replaced, rebuilt, destroyed.
We are not the cause of this world. We are the part of it and the link in the chain, which tries to know itself.
Only on this planet and on the planets like this, we are divided into individual souls. When we get back to where we came from, we are again a single whole, what and always have been.
All of this “heresy of separateness” is a temporary phenomenon inherent only to the planets like the Earth. Try to think about this more often.
So, the particles are not the particles, and the living entities. And when you sit down on a chair or lie down to bed, eat and drink - remember that before you and around only information and God, and nothing except this.
And all of our desires, predilections and preferences - this is just a sophisticated work of the brain, which is adapted to this mode of existence.


Let's talk about this so habitual and familiar phenomenon that is known to humanity for over a century, and widely used for energy. But in the same measure it is little known.
What we know about radioactivity from physics?
Radioactivity is a spontaneous decay of chemical element. Decay occurs in all elements with atomic numbers greater than 83, i.e., located in the periodic table after bismuth.
In addition, any chemical element can be temporarily radioactive when irradiated with neutrons. This is called “induced radioactivity”.
During radioactive decay atom emits different types of elementary particles - protons, neutrons, electrons, and others. And the atom is converted into another chemical element.
Scientists have accumulated a wealth of information on the phenomenon of radioactivity. There are institutes, universities and organizations involved in its study. But after more than a century since its opening, the official science has not given an answer - why the atoms decay.
Pay attention. Only heavy chemical elements disintegrate – of the lower periods. It is not by accident.
The mechanism of radioactive decay of chemical element is similar to disintegration of the star - its glow.
Why does the star emit the light?
Because it disintegrates.
And why does it disintegrate?
Because the Law of Transformation exists. The transformation by gravity. This law is described in detail in the book “Ethereal mechanics” - http://efirnaia-mechanika-djwal-khul.blogspot.ru. We briefly will retell it here.
Inflow of excess ether (energy) makes the particle to emit its own energy and move away from the center. For example, from the center of congestions of particles. Star is a conglomerate of particles too. And atoms are the congestions of particles, only on a smaller scale. The more particles in star or atom, the more energy they emit during transformation.
Transformation is a rise in temperature, change in quality.
The more material in the composition of the star, the higher its brightness.
The more particles Yang (emitting energy), the higher the degree of transformation, and the more particles leaves the star or atom. And the greater their velocity is.
It is known that the larger stars have a larger brightness.
Particles Yang leave the body first. Over time, their percentage decreases.
Blue giants (stars) are dominated on the outskirts of the galaxies. It is the biggest and hottest stars. They have the most amount of substance. Stars are born from emissions of substance from the nuclei of galaxies. Blue giants are older than other stars.
The more material, the higher the temperature of the star, the brighter it is.
The same is with atoms.
The heavier the atom, then the more substance it has, i.e. the more number of particles. Due of this atom disintegrates - emits particles, like a star. Because of the action of the Law of Transformation.
We recommend you understand this law well. It is difficult, however, it is the basis of a vast number of natural processes and phenomena. It is very important.
That's why there occurs a decay of chemical elements. And the heavy atoms disintegrate in the first place. They are heavy, because they have a lot of substance. And particles Yin dominate. It is typical for the Physical Plan.
Particles change the quality. They begin to emit energy and move away from the center of atoms.
Atom emits particles as a star, but on a small scale.
As you can see, everything in the universe is arranged by analogy – microcosm is the same as macrocosm.


As we know from the official physical doctrine, radioactivity in its natural form is inherent only to chemical elements of lower periods - heavy.
Artificially we can make any atom to emit particles. It is enough to irradiate it with neutrons.
On this science limits the ability to radiation.
However, the radioactivity can be different.
Prerequisite for decay is the presence in the atom of the particles Yang – i.e. emitting energy.
If you compare complex particles flying out from the atom with rockets, then the energy emitting by particles Yang - it is something like a jet of burning fuel, lifting a missile in the air.
I.e. we want to bring you to the conclusion that not only the particles of Physical Plan - neutrons - can become the cause of radiation. Any energy, penetrating into chemical element, contributes to its disintegration, including particles of subtle Plans. On the contrary, it is easier for them to destroy an atom. They have more energy. Actually, it all depends on the number of particles emitting energy.
Now, on the Earth, there are very little of particles of two higher plans - Atmic and Monadic. But in the future they will be here.
Furthermore, the level of radiation depends on the depth at which the particles, emitting energy, penetrated into atom.


We will tell you about the Shroud of Turin - amazing artifact stored in a museum in Turin (Italy), in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.
It is a religious shrine, the object of worship of Christian believers. The four-meter linen cloth, in which, according to legend, Joseph of Arimathea wrapped the body of Jesus Christ after he was taken down from the cross after his death.
According to radiocarbon analysis, which was carried out, the age of this fabric corresponds to 1300 century. I.e. alas! If this cloth and allegedly had any relation to the Master of all time, you can’t argue with science. This is the opinion of scientists. Of course, the honor and praise to their principles, logic and resistance.
If not for one “but”.
The fact is that modern scientists know too little about the true nature of radioactivity. And the same situation is respect to the structure of what they call the “atom”.
However, we should recognize that they are very accurate.
And they are absolutely right, specifying the 1300 century.
What is radiocarbon analysis?
This is the measurement of the content in the material of the radioactive isotope of carbon C14.
The more time passes, the less its content, because it disintegrates.
But there is one thing that can affect the accuracy of this measurement method.
Scientists themselves acknowledge that if the test substance was exposed to the radiation of other substance, the data of analysis will be strongly distorted. The number of the isotope C14 will be much higher. And, accordingly, the age of substance will be younger.
So this is the whole point!
Shroud of Turin - is a unique testimony of radioactivity of that human, who was wrapped in it, namely, of the body of Christ.
He was radioactive, so his body left on the fabric its scorched image - the contours of his body in areas of contact.
A powerful source of radiation affected to the tissue. Because of this, the amount of radioactive isotope C14 increased in the tissue. And subsequent analysis erroneously attributed for the being studied sample more young age.
That's an explanation.
So, in vain, believers doubt, and scientists triumph and grin.
Shroud is genuine proof of existence of Christ, and also the fact that his body and metabolism was totally different from the human. Ordinary people do not burn a cloth, in which wrapped.
Shroud of Turin - is a symbol and image of Initiation. Agni Yoga, this is our future. Radioactivity – that is our true salvation!


Interesting fact.
"In Hindu mythology, it is believed that these four great rivers begin their way from Kailash. However, based on the terrain, according to satellite images and topographic maps, all streams, flowing down from the glaciers of Kailas, empties into the Lake Rakshastal. In the north-western part of the lake begins the river Sutlej. Thus, only the river Sutlej carries water flowing from Kailash”. - https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Кайлас
Two lakes are located near the sacred Mount Kailash - Manasarovar and Rakshastal. At the same time, the first is considered the demons’ lake and its water is dead. And the second is sacred and its water is alive.
But exactly Rakshastal takes water flowing down from the glaciers of Kailas.
How do you explain this discrepancy? After all, Kailash is undoubtedly a sacred. But the water, flowing down from it, is a pure evil.
It turns out that everything is simple.
Kailash relates to the area of Shambhala, in other words, of the Spirit (see books of Alice Bailey). Spirit is the most powerful, the most subtle energies. The area of Kailash is the energy channel, the umbilical cord that connects the Earth with the Cosmos. The high energies – Spirit – use this channel to nourish the Earth.
These energies sate and the water flowing from Kailash into the lake Rakshas.
High energies exist in the form of elementary particles, as everything in the universe. These particles penetrate into chemical elements of the water and make this water RADIOACTIVE.
This radiation is of a different quality than usual when heavy chemical elements decay. The nuclei do not disintegrate.
In this case, particles of Physical Plan (which form all the usual chemical elements) go out from the composition of atoms. And particles of high Plans are immersing into these atoms and help them to get out of the particle the higher planes.
Exactly about this RADIATION it is said in the books of Alice Bailey. The person, receiving the energy of high Plans, also becomes radioactive. And Master Jesus was radioactive. The proof is the Shroud of Turin. And all Mahatmas are radioactive too.
It turns out that the water of Rakshastal becomes too strong in its energy impact. Any creatures did not survive in this water. Therefore, because of this water you can be ill, unless you are Mahatma. And the animals do not withstand, so in the lake Rakshas there is no life.
Manasarovar also receives water flowing down from the mountain ranges of Himalayas. But exactly Rakshas gets water from Kailash, and Manasarovar does not. And this weakened water, but still having a lot of energy, does not destroy, and heals. Because the energy in moderate doses is important for the health of common man.


At the beginning of this book, we have discussed in detail on this subject. We have repeated basis. We found that from which everything consist.
In addition, we know that God's purpose is to connect together the particles of all Plans – i.e. create the fifth element.
Why is it necessary?
Perhaps the answer is as follows.
In the universe as a whole all is harmonized. The number of particles Yin and Yang is equal to each other. Thanks to this, amount of emitted energy (ether) corresponds to amount of absorbed. There is no plus and minus.
Imagine if there was an imbalance. If the number of particles Yang - emitting energy - was more, the universe would have expanded impetuously. What, by the way, modern science insists.
And if there would be more Yin, gravitational collapse occurred - compression. Since there would be lacked to energy capable to divide and repel material.
But in reality, everything is in harmony.
It is obvious that in order to live and travel in the universe, the creatures must be like the universe – i.e. harmonious. I.e. amount of emitted by them energy should be equal to amount of absorbed energy. Only in this case, their state will be stable - they will be neither compressed nor expanded.
In order to any being could independently live and work in space, Yin and Yang in its composition must be balanced. It's the law. Otherwise, this creature will not be independent. Only if it has the same number of particles that absorb and emit energy (ether), it will not be compressed or expanded.
 Entity is not necessary the creature of small sizes, like a human. Quite the contrary.
There is a wonderful series of books written by Djwhal Khul with Alice Bailey. These books tell that not only people pass Dedications, but also Logoi. And the Logos is a huge Cosmic Being, comparable in size to the planet or solar system or galaxy, etc.
And the whole universe is a huge essence.
We should abandon the principle introduced by modern science, considering all celestial bodies only as inanimate physical objects. If they are not alive, then we, as their continuation, should also be without life. Logos of any size, if particles Yin and Yang are harmonized in it, can exist within the boundaries of the universe as an independent essence, not being compressed and not expanded.
And here we are again approaching to the answer to the question about the meaning of life.
In our narrow human understanding, life is all that connected with the heavenly bodies, or rather, with planets.
So why does Logos contact with celestial bodies? For what does it dive in them? Why does it create a tireless activity on their surface?
Why all this?
The answer is obvious.
Logos need particles contained in the heavenly bodies.
Yes, the particles.
All this turmoil is due to them. After all, the celestial bodies are composed of particles of the Physical Plan, the densest.
Initially, all of the particles in the universe were arranged concentrically, and the densest – particles with the greatest gravity – were in the center. And the center - it's exactly heavenly bodies, starting with the Сentral Celestial Body of the universe.
And this Physical Plane, these densest particles really have a need in subtle, upper Plans for stabilization.
Subtle Plans - this is exactly the Logos. They occupy a position of leadership, because particles Yang are dominated in them. Emission of energy. Do you remember Stanzas of Dzyan? “Listen,ye Sons of the Earth, to your Instructors - the Sons of the Fire”.
Sons of Fire - it's exactly particles emitting energy - Yang. Their information is leading and guides in the process of emergence of forms.
Spirit (the most subtle Plans) directs the Soul (average Plans) down into Matter (dense Plans). Just in order to get these dense particles of physical plan, well, and also of astral, which is also very dense.
And this bridge, this antahkarana is the channel via which there occurs Descent of Spirit and Soul into the Matter, and Ascension of Matter into heaven. But there is a lot of symbolism in the description.
We will describe this process in more detail and explain what is happening.
All the books of Alice Bailey are dedicated to relationships of Spirit, Soul and Matter. But without necessary explanations it can be difficult to understand what is at stake. And all because there are no concrete definition of information about the Soul and Spirit.
Everything is clear with Matter, it is composed of chemical elements. But what forms Spirit and Soul?
In the books of Alice Bailey is not yet specified. Only here the first time we will draw a clear parallel between esoteric and science, and will declare that everything is composed of elementary particles.
Thus, the Logoi have a need in physical particles. It is for them, the Spirit and Soul dive into the Kingdom of Matter. In order to masons in the quarry could extract them and take home with them after death, to heaven.
And this is the whole meaning of our existence. We are workers. We are Masons. Anyone of us. And every living creature on this planet works, including minerals, and not only on this planet - everywhere in the universe. Everybody, literally, accumulates experience. And this “experience” has a specific physical basis.
We extract particles of Physical Plan from the planet. And they are extracted in the form of “radioactive fragrance”.
We will tell about this.
Do you see how everything is interconnected?
We were not casually talking about radioactivity. This phenomenon will help us to understand, how Spirit and Soul can extract particles of the Physical Plan from the chemical elements of our dense bodies.
We think you start to guess about everything...


Any person should be a “flower emitting fragrance”, “radioactive chemical element”. The scent of a flower is volatile molecules of essential oils.
Radioactivity of chemical element is volatile particles. Radioactivity of a person, about which said Djwhal Khul through Alice Bailey – this is Ascension of Matter into heaven. Particles of high Plans are connected with particles of lower Plans. They fly away with them up. A human emits them out of himself (herself). They help them to overcome gravity and escape from Matter.
Fragrance or radioactivity of the body is the more strongly, the more energy penetrates it. The larger is the number of particles Yang and the higher rate of emitted ether (energy), the easier it overcomes gravity. And the stronger is the “fragrance”.
The energy, emitted ether, allows to break away from the flower, or a chemical element, the body of a living being, or a heavenly body.
Obtaining such a “fragrance” - this is THE GOAL OF LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE. This is the aim of Initiation - to help to produce “a radioactive fragrance”.
Each of us is involved in its production, every creature, including minerals.
The very purpose of our life here – it’s the accumulating of a sufficient amount of complexes of particles consisting of different plans.
Radioactive fragrance - this is the physical particles, connected with the particles of higher plans. Any plan in relation to physical is upper or higher.
Radioactive fragrance - this is the marble accumulating in the quarry of life experience.
Much about this has been written in the books of Alice Bailey.
Radioactive fragrance is complexes of elementary particles of different plans. There may be an unimaginably huge amount of intermediate variations of these complexes.
Any combination of particles of different Plans - it is a version of radioactive fragrance. But the goal is one - to combine in a single complex the particles of 6 plans. Because only such a combination will provide a perfectly balanced state. The number of emitted ether (energy) will be exactly match to the amount of absorbed energy.
And then the energy, emitted in such complex by the particle of Monadic Plan (the highest), at once will reach the particles of Physical Plan, will absorb by it and will be destroyed in it.
And the purpose will be reached. God (Thinking Substance) instantly will hear its “word”, because “the word of God” is energy. It will not need to pass long distances, transform energy, change its informational meaning, as it occurs now.
Just imagine.
Somewhere out there, in heaven, flying around the planet, the particle of the Monadic Plan emits energy. This energy can’t immediately reach the Physical Plan. Other particles on the way definitely will it and instead will emit their energy. This is called transformation of information.
As a result, information of the Monadic Plan does not reach to the Physical Plan in the original version. The will of God is distorted.
And the goal is that everything would happen instantly - emission and absorption.
Radioactive fragrance is a fifth element. Complexes that combine all four elements. The Philosopher's Stone. Stone, which a king Nebuchadnezzar (the Bible) saw in his dream, and which destroyed the idol with the golden head and feet of iron and clay. Stone, that was not used during the construction, but which then became the main.
We can talk endlessly, but the meaning is one. It is the complexes of particles of different plans - this is the true building elements for the future universe.
It should be remembered that energy - it is not only physical energy but also information.
Celestial bodies of different types (of all sizes, with varying amount of the substance, with the substance of varying quality) give to life appearing on them the different information base.
For example, now in our solar system the life exists on the majority of celestial bodies. Oddly enough, but we, the people believe that there can’t be life on red-hot heavenly bodies.
Of course, such life as on Earth, there is not. But in reality, exactly on such heavenly bodies life arises in the first place. And there exists for it the most favorable conditions.
At present time life is on the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. Life there, of course, is very different from ours. It has energy, ethereal structure. There everything is transparent, agile, rarefied. And on the sun it is still red-hot. But that's life, and it is reasonable, as at us, on Earth.
But information is other there. Consciousness of solar creatures does not similar to the minds of earthly beings. But in the basis there are the same elementary particles.
By the way, it’s much easier to accumulate experience there, and more pleasant. There's no need to suffer so much, as here, on Earth. There's no humanoid beings like us.
Now you can understand that expressions “accumulate experience”, “getting of life lessons” have not figurative, and very specific, tangible meaning.
Accumulating experience - this is radioactive fragrance.
We emit it all the time, every moment of our lives. For it we came down here on the planet. It’s - our goal. As soon as we will dial the needed for us amount, we can leave the planet. That's when the end of the world will come for humanity and rightly so. The end comes when something has fulfilled its purpose and is no longer needed.
But now, here we extract something ephemeral, but real.
We are the Soul that connects the Spirit, guiding us, and Matter.
We create a channel, extracting and transmitting upward radioactive fragrance - particles. We transfer them to the Spirit - Monad. Monad is particles of Atmic and Monadic Plans. They're up there in the sky, safe and sound, observe and wait, collect particles of our experience. They are our true guardian angels, custodians of the priceless treasures, imperishable in heaven.
Why do not they descend to us?
It’s in order not to get infected by the information of earthly life and earthly vices. It is dangerous for Heaven.
This rule is the Portal of Dedication or the Heavenly Gate.
We extract and transmit. They take and retain, and are waiting for a favorable opportunity to connect with us and also to plunge into the world of Matter. We prepare the stage for this. They can’t do it now, when the Matter is still crude, primitive, wicked and not fully processed. Otherwise, the Sky will get infected by the Evil of Matter. Remember the Law of identifications of I with Non-I. Information influences on each other.


The Stanzas of Dzyan says that one-third did not take the forms – “one-third refuses”. This one-third is the two highest plans - atmic and monadic. They, as everybody, consist of elementary particles. They are located to the periphery of any celestial body, including universe.
They have already started their process of penetration into the lower Plans with the purpose to ascend them to Heaven, i.e. to separate away from the total amount of particles, to divide into pieces. They want to ascend the Matter, to rescue it. This is Easter, Exodus. They had to start the process of descent “on the threshold of the fourth” - the fourth Root Race of humanity.
The highest Plans – this is a very strong energy, the maximum rate of emission of ether.
But the highest plans are waiting not just because they have a strong energy. The energy destroys, but humanity could be gradually adapted to it. All the matter is in another, namely, in the existence of so-called HEAVENLY GATE, or the PORTAL OF DEDICATION. This is mechanism of protection of Heaven from the negative information accumulated by humanity. The highest plans communicate only with elected by them - with the most clean and light beings. It is because not only higher may affect the lower, but also vice versa.
The God's purpose in this Mahamanvantara is to connect all the plans together so that they permeated by the ether (energy) emitted by the highest Plan - Monadic, and then it will be absorbed by the lowest - Physical. It happened and is happening in the body of Christ and Buddha and of others Mahatmas - Ascended Masters. Complexes are formed from particles of different plans. The purpose of God is accomplished exactly in them.
When Jesus cried out on the cross – “It is finished!” – this symbolizes the time of the merge of all plans together. After that his body did not need external energy. He no longer needed to warm up, eat and so on. From that moment he had inexhaustible internal source of energy, “Water of Life”.
Probably, we have no idea how it is – to be filled of energy of the highest plans. It’s an immeasurable joy of feeling of fullness and omnipotence. On this theme, the theme of the Ascension, truly we can talk endlessly.
There are so-called “Portals of Dedication”, “The Heavenly Gates”. What is their essence?
Beings of the highest plans are very interested in the development of all the planets. They want to make them holy, them all, without exception, and of course the Earth too. These superior beings are very eager to contact with us, earthlings. But ... they can’t.
Why is so? - You will ask.
Because they have no contact with Evil. But people are still very angry.
More precisely, they communicate, but very carefully ... They come in contact only with those who are good, filled with love, selfless, and so on.
Because any information able to influence each other. I.e. during contact there happens information interaction. “Those who sleep with dogs will rise with fleas”.
And this is one of the laws of the universe - the Law of Identification. See more details in the book “The main occult laws and concepts” - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IZGDHHY.
If you are full of evil, hate and other vices, you are carrying this information in yourself and it infects others with whom you communicate.
The Highest Plans are devoid of evil. Evil exists only on the heavenly bodies, and even not on all.
All this dense live in conditions of gravity is very similar to a prison. Everyone, who is forced to live here, wants to get out of here, as quickly as possible. No one wants to lie like a stone millions of years. Everybody fights for the opportunity to move, run and fly. All creatures battle with each other for energy. But it is not enough, especially on the planets of the earthly type – originally small, with not big amount of substance. After all, the less material, the smaller the transformation by gravity. Transformation of the quality of particles - this is raising their temperature. The whole life of animals and people is a struggle for energy and fuel – i.e. for food - the building material for the bodies.
We do not want to freeze, so breathe. Oxygen destroys the body, so we should eat. We can’t, like plants, synthesize organic compounds from carbon dioxide and water. Therefore, we kill all the living and eat it. All the violence and drama of our lives occurs from this.
We must change ourselves.
Firstly, we should become as plants – to feed on from air.
And, secondly, we must be kind and clever, understand everyone.
Then the Higher will begin to communicate with us more and more. And they do not go to the contact with Evil, or will be “infected”.
Imagine what would happen if the evil will break loose, and Heaven will live by the same dreadful laws by which we live here on Earth! The sky will turn into hell. Salvation will be nowhere.
So do not be surprised and do not grumble, if there is no connection with God. This is mechanism of protection of Heaven. We should be cleaner and brighter. Then the connection will appear.
The Higher therefore are not in a hurry to contact. They are the citadel of goodness and love.
And they will wait until we will be changed. They will help, but gradually. After all, each contact with the planets, like ours, is fraught with the danger of infecting by evil.
Therefore, try to understand and accept this order of things.
Any human's prayer is heard. But only the most kind and unselfish thoughts have quick support by the Higher.
We should think more about the welfare of the whole, and less about ourselves. Then you will be heard more quickly, and there will be better for you and for all. It is necessary to transmit love through yourself, and then the Heaven will take care of you.
All terrestrial planets are the stars of suffering. Existence on them is inevitably linked with Evil - violence, destruction. On the surface of such planets there is too little of energy. Because of this, in order to any creatures could arise capable of moving on the planet and somehow influence it, it was invented by a complex mechanism of breathing / food consumption. Respiration provides energy, but also destroys the body. Food restores the body. But the animals are fed, killing others. Hence - the violence, i.e. Evil. Real Holiness is possible only on large celestial bodies. There's a lot of energy and do not need to create beings like humanoids. There is a complex process of dedication - the whole body is involved. For example, this occurs on Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and all the stars and galactic nuclei, and, of course, on the Central Celestial Body of the universe.
The Saints people during the life are possible to combine the Spirit (Monad), Soul and Matter (the Body). Because the informational component of their bodies cleansed by fasting, prayer, kindness, love and intelligence. In this case, heaven is out of danger. And the Spirit can fearlessly come down to the body, without the risk of infecting by the evil information.
If the body is filthy, littered with dirty, wrong thoughts, desires, earthly habits, all that is called “sin”, reuniting of Spirit with Soul (our Solar Angel with us) will be only after death, after separation from the dense material body.
Solar Angel or Angel of the Presence - this is our Monad. Spirit. A resident of Shambhala. The keeper of all good things, that we have built up during our lifetime. Monad is watching and waiting.
The Monad of Mahatma is connected with the body. Thanks to this the process of radiation of radioactive fragrance is enhanced and accelerated. That is why the bodies of Mahatmas are radioactive. Example of Christ is the confirmation. We talked about this earlier. The lake Rakshas-Tal and its “dead” water also indicates the same.
Evolution is the process of increasing complexity of life on a celestial body. In the course of evolution there is all the deeper descent of the Spirit into Matter, there occurs immersing of the particles of the higher plans into the physical plan. During this process there occurs the emergence of different kinds of life forms - the result of this immersion and merger.
The Highest plans - Atmic and Monadic - as long remain at a safe distance until there goes preparation of information basis on the lower plans. It must be changed. All evil must be destroyed and transformed into good. After all not only the higher plans affect on the lower. Anything can influence each other.
If the descent carried on unprepared soil, the higher plans can receive a charge of informational “Evil”. And this is unacceptable.
Imagine that our Monad in Heaven is not an angel, and a super mighty demon who wants to subjugate the entire universe.
That's why the Higher are not in hurry to us. They care about the safety of Heaven.
This is the mechanism of the PORTAL OF DEDICATION (HEAVENLY GATE).


Dedication - is the process of expansion of consciousness, accession to the body of particles of a new level or Plan.
The higher plans are attached, the greater the dedication, the greater holiness human possesses.
Holiness ... This word speaks for itself. Light. Light - is energy. The higher Plans have the most degree of energy.
The evil, sinful human can’t pass through the Portal of Dedication, because did not exempt from lower schemes of behavior. It’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. Higher planes do not trust, so do not connect with his body.
Dedication signifies human development, the progress up the evolutionary ladder. The Higher Beings trust him (her) the security of Heaven, and it's a lot. It’s easily to stumble and credibility will be lost. Not forever, until it will not be restored. And so on to infinity.
The higher the level of dedication, the higher the level of quality of radioactive fragrance produced by the human soul.
Dedication and the “fragrance” are closely related and interdependent.
Dedication - is the process of approximation, and most importantly, the penetration of the bodies of subtle plans into usual chemical elements of the physical body - into carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, etc. Penetration is the integration. All the plans (and subtle in particular) consist of elementary particles. There occurs integration of particles of subtle plans. They penetrate into protons and neutrons, which by the way are not truly fundamental particles, they are complex.
This process of integration of “subtle” particles initiates the process of radioactive decay. If integration is shallow, then there occurs disintegration of peripheral layers of the chemical elements, and it will not be like a normal decay of heavy atoms.
There occurs the formation of “radioactive fragrance”. The human exudes these particles, rather, complexes consisting of particles of different plans.
Immersion of subtle particles into chemical elements is immersion of Spirit into Matter and disintegration of the elements – Ascension of Matter into Heaven.
These complexes form in the aggregate what is referred to the fifth element, or the seventh Plan - complex, Logoic.
This is the purpose of the universe, God's purpose - to create such complex particle, the "flavor".
This is - the purpose of life on the Earth and on any other celestial body.
Any Dedication - is the radioactive decay of the body. But the body is constantly updated. Chemical elements are replaced.
So they radioactively disintegrate, just when they are permeated by the subtle plans.
If the highest plans go out of the composition of chemical elements, the process of Dedication is terminated as well as decay.


So, we have found out the essence of a “radioactive fragrance”. It is a complex consisting of particles of different plans. Other names for them are Fifth Element, philosopher’s Stone, the body of Christ, the Church of Christ and a number of others. They have many names.
And how they are formed?
Answer - during radioactive decay.
Usually only heavy chemical elements disintegrate, due to the action of transformation by gravity. But if we irradiate by neutrons any chemical element, it also begins to disintegrate.
What is a neutron?
This is a complex composed of particles of the Physical Plan - those particles that we call in the process of their movement “photons”, and in the state of immobility – “electrons”. The difference between neutrons and protons is only in that they have the larger percentage of photons emitting energy (i.e., red, Yang). It is thanks to photons Yang neutrons stimulate the radioactivity of atoms into which they are integrated. And they get into the atom, just sinking into the depths, into its body, what physicists call the “nucleus”.
But, by the way, the number of protons and neutrons in atoms is completely different than assumed. It does not match the sequence number of the element. The number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus is much larger.
Electrons, which allegedly are “smeared” on the orbital (odd idea) – it’s in reality free particles – photons-electrons. And they are not “smeared” and simply surround the nucleus, creating an atmosphere of the atom, as the gases in the composition of the planet.
The gas shell screens the gravitational field of the planet. Therefore, at a distance from it there is weightlessness.
Also free photons-electrons screen the nucleus of atom, masking its true mass.
The number of protons and neutrons in atoms is much more. But the Field of Repulsion, generated by the electron shell, screens gravity.
Because of this, it seems to us that the mass of atoms is less than it actually is. And all the science errs by making a mass equal to the sequence number.
We greatly have distracted from the original topic. But it was necessary.
Thus, the bombardment with neutrons makes the atoms radioactive, thanks to Yang photons.
But not only neutrons are capable for it. The particles of the Highest Plans (what we call the Spirit and the Soul) also can this.
We name them the particles. But in reality, it is the essences, live, like all around.
They are immersed in the chemical elements of the physical body of human, animal, plant or mineral. And chemical elements are composed of particles of the Physical Plan.
Immersion - is integration.
It is preceded by approximation - individualization.
And after the integration a decay of the chemical element begins - dedication. Dedication - is the expansion of consciousness. Radioactive fragrance, leaving the body during its radioactive decay, flies away up into the sky, where it is collected by the Solar Angels - beings of Atmic and Monadic Plans. This “fragrance” unites us, Souls with them. And this is the essence of the expansion of our consciousness. I.e. our informational component is now not only with us, but also up there. And thanks to this we establish a connection with Heaven.
You can read about individualization, integration and dedication in the books of Alice Bailey.
You may ask - so that the creature's body, in the place of “fixing” of the Soul is constantly being destroyed?
The answer is - yes, everything happens just so.
However, due to the fact that the atoms in the body are constantly being updated, the body itself remains unchanged.
But nevertheless, atoms with embedded in them particles of the higher plans always have more subtle structure. They are sparser.
When the Soul is active and connected to the body, it constantly emits “fragrance”. It comes out of the body and on the principle of "like attracts like" (the Law of Identifications of I with Non-I), flies away up to the Solar Angel – i.e. to the Monad. The Monad receives particles and saves them.
Neither body, nor the Soul, nor the Spirit is not static formations. All they are constantly updated and replenished.
Soul - is the channel through which the particles of the higher plans descend, instead of used in the process of “Ascension of Matter”. And integrated systems - Spirit, Soul and Body, merged together (Radioactive fragrance), use the same channel to ascend to Heaven. It is the bridge between mind and body - antahkarana.


The books by Robert Monroe are interesting to me for a long time. However, only when I started my own work about the future of humanity and the meaning of life, I realized how much in tune our ideas.
And as soon as I read in the “Far Journeys” about some “loosh-love”, I immediately understood what Robert was trying to convey using this term. After all, the book about the meaning of life and radioactive fragrance was written by me in January 2015. And only in February, after two years, I opened up the second time, “Far Journeys”, where found the story of “loosh” that we, in the words of Robert Monroe, are collecting on the Earth. And the part of the meaning of life in my book is devoted to the idea of ​​collecting of radioactive fragrance extracted by Souls from Matter. Of course, I was surprised by the similarity! I was given the information that we are here for the sake of it. We need to immerse the Spirit into Matter, to then raise the Matter to Heaven.
And Robert Monroe got in the course of his travels the same information. And if something is received in different circumstances, independently of each other, it is likely that this is evidence of the veracity of this knowledge. Anyway, you can see this, reading the book of this author. I will quote it here.
But first we must talk a little bit about Robert Monroe.
Robert Allan Monroe spent his childhood in Lexington, Kentucky, “in a normal and happy family”. In the Ohio State University he studied the basics of medicine, commerce, engineering, drama and English. After graduation of the university in 1937 Robert went to work on the radio as a writer-director.
Working in New York, he regularly wrote articles for magazines and Sunday newspapers, led a column of air in the monthly magazine, created several screenplays. On the radio he was the first who began to conduct a daily program with staging of rail travels (Rocky Gordon), which he carried out for several years. After the war, Mr. Monroe formed his own company, which became one of the largest manufacturers of mass radio programs.
And what happened to him, how he started to leave the body.
“Then I looked again. Something was wrong. This wall had no windows, no furniture against it, no doors. It was not a wall in my bedroom. Yet somehow it was familiar. Identification came instantly. It wasn't a wall, it was the ceiling. I was floating against the ceiling, bouncing gently with any movement I made. I rolled in the air, startled, and looked down. There, in the dim light below me, was the bed. There were two figures lying in the bed. To the right was my wife. Beside her was someone else. Both seemed asleep.
This was a strange dream, I thought. I was curious. Whom would I dream to be in bed with my wife? I looked more closely, and the shock was intense. I was the someone on the bed!
My reaction was almost instantaneous. Here I was, there was my body. I was dying, this was death, and I wasn't ready to die. Somehow, the vibrations were killing me. Desperately, like a diver, I swooped down to my body and dove in. I then felt the bed and the covers, and when I opened my eyes, I was looking at the room from the perspective of my bed” (Robert Monroe, “Journeys out of the body”).
And now here is the epilogue from “Far Journeys”. In it the author surprisingly precisely describes our world.
Cruising the Rings.
The first inner layer or ring was clear and more distinct from my nonphysical perspective, and all seemed to be completely focused on the activities of the in-human physical condition. Any attempts to communicate or divert their attention were met with total unawareness at the least and, at the most, bewilderment, fear, or outright hostility. All were attempting to participate in physical life in one way or another with no success whatsoever. All seemed to have one common characteristic. They were completely unaware of any existence other than physical. Only through repeated observation at first hand was it possible to generally sort out and classify such near-earth humans into some semblance of order.
The Dreamers: This group has a distinctive vibration or radiation that indicates they are attached to a physical body somewhere in the current earth time-space. This infers but does not verify that they may be in an out-of-body state during sleep. They apparently are attempting to continue the activity they have been performing during their physical waking hours, or those they desire or fantasize. Some are simply going through the motions; others are trying to talk with those they know who are physically awake, or eating, drinking, working, playing, trying to perform sexual acts, acting out Mitty-like roles in the middle of Manhattan—all without fruition; all, with few exceptions, without any recognition of similar activities around them. What might be loosely termed evidence of their origin is that they suddenly "wink out" or disappear in the middle of an action. Are they awakening in the physical again, out of sleep? Dream analysts may be on the right track but with the wrong perspective.
The Locked-Ins: These are very similar to the previous category, and might be confused with them initially but for several key differences. This group is composed solely of those who have permanently exited their current physical body—dead physically but don't know it. Consequently, they are trying constantly to continue a physical existence to which they have become habituated. They often remain around physical locations, such as houses, and physically living persons to whom they have become attached. Some continue to attempt reentry into their dead physical bodies and to reactivate them, even into the grave—which may give credence to the strange radiation effects sometimes perceived in cemeteries. The anguish these must go through as they witness the cremation of their physical remains is certainly something to ponder. As with the Dreamers, this group is totally and compulsively bonded to time-space materiality. Moreover, they appear to be deep into enveloping emotionally based fears and drives which they attempt to act out but never conclude. As a group, they are the major blockage in the flow of the human learning experience. Until they are reached and assisted or some glimmer of awareness occurs, they remain in this locked-in state for years, perhaps centuries. Their numbers increase constantly and will continue to do so as long as the physical human values that generate the condition remain unchanged.
The Wild Ones: Much lesser in number than the above but with the same motivating drives expressed in an entirely different manner. The reason is a slight shift in awareness. The Wild Ones do not realize they have lost the use of their physical bodies, and they do not perceive anything other than physical matter reality. However, they are very much aware that they are somehow different. They don't understand the whys or hows of it and have no desire to learn. All they realize is that such difference releases them from all of the restraints, obligations, and commitments that were a part of their physical lives. They construe this as absolute freedom and attempt to express themselves accordingly in the only way they know of—through replicas of physical activity. Thus their efforts to participate in physical human life—which they perceive as taking place all around them—take on many bizarre forms. The previously reported visit to the human sexual pile is a sample. There are implications that whenever a human physical consciousness in waking form becomes “loose” or shaky for whatever reason, it may provide an opportunity for one of these to “piggyback” just for the experience of it. The frequency of such incidents is not known, from my present perspective. Hopefully, very few. They can get mean at times.
There was much to be learned from these inner rings, most of it the hard way if your perspective is still heavily encased in human time-space illusions. It is pointless to recount the many attempted contacts with the inhabitants therein. You can do it yourself without bothering to enter the OOBE state. Interview and observe a cross section group of humans now living in any large city. The resulting data will be a restrained version and much easier to handle. The source of such preoccupation in every case seems to be extreme distortions of the original survival imprint. Evidently there are methods by which rescues are achieved individually and on a relatively large scale—and the process is ongoing. I personally have been involved in only one or two that I can remember, and I am not particularly proud of my efforts. I did learn one or two minor items. First, awareness of the cacophony of discordant, undirected radiation engendered by human thought—identified as M Band noise (my label). Second, how to close down my perception to bring it to tolerable levels. The necessity syndrome again. It's a nice trick to have, even in the physical waking state.
The next ring outward is fairly straightforward. It is composed of those who do realize they are no longer in physical human life, but have no awareness or memory of any other possibility. Often they are stunned by the loss, and do no more than remain in a motionless, nonperceiving passive state, as if waiting for something to take place. They are usually easy to contact, instruct, and lead to a suitable outer ring. The population here is small, relatively, and remains more or less static due to the assistance supplied by the outer rings.
Moving outward, the next ring is the largest of all, and contains an apparently limitless number of sub-rings. However, they all come under a strong general category: At least, all residents here know they have passed through physical death. There may be vagueness and differing beliefs as to what and where they are at this point; hence the often sharply delineated sub-rings. Within this ring, approximately through the center, there exists what might be labeled a null point of a different variety yet quite perceivable from an external perspective. It is generated by the existence of two symbolized energy fields overlapping and exerting near-equal pressure/influence without interaction between the two. There are no standing waves set up by frequencies beating against each other, for the two fields are not compatible. The analogy of a bar magnet with positive and negative fields meeting at the center of the bar does not apply. It would be better to picture a gravity field exerting attraction in one direction and the action of a sitcom on television in another.
On the inner side of such null point, the dominant force is HTSI, short for Human Time-Space Illusion, strongest at the innermost sub-rings and lessening inversely throughout the entire ring until it is quite insignificant on the outer edge. On the outer side of the ring, the dominant force is NPR, or Nonphysical Reality, which is as general as one can get if there is no accurate translation available for the little that is known of it. A mirror image in field strength, the NPR effect is greatest at the outermost edge, diminishing slowly to the null point, then exponentially to the inner edge of the ring.
The pattern of human passage through this particular ring is most fascinating, again from the external view. It is composed of energy in human experiential form moving in two directions, both inward and outward. The inward flow is composed of fresh energy from the NPR area first encountering the HTSI field, becoming more and more attracted by it through a series of in-human existences, passing through this particular ring more rapidly once the null point is crossed. From that point inward, the movement accelerates to the inner edge of the ring and through it, terminating usually in the lowest of the inner rings.
The outward flow, after release from or skirting the innermost rings, commences the haphazard-seeming yet meticulous path through this largest of rings. For some, the passage is relatively direct, with but a few inhuman physical existences to provide the impetus. Others—the great majority—require up to several hundred in-human lifetimes and thousands of earth year cycles to complete the process. The reasons for this wide discrepancy are not obvious to me. However, one characteristic of the more direct route appears to be the careful selection of in-human life experiences, plus accomplishments in the face of what might be termed statistically impossible odds. The two routes both emerge at the outer edge of the ring and lead to the outermost ring.
The single outermost ring is composed solely of those who are preparing for their final in-human experience—the Last-Timers, or Seniors, whichever suits your perspective. They have lost their gray appearance and much of their humanoid form; they are nearly white in radiation with occasional sparkling patterns around them. They are tightly closed, and do not respond to any communication attempts except possibly among themselves. It is difficult to observe their final reentry into human experience. It is either too rapid or instantaneous. Their exit from the final cycle is represented by a sparkling glowing light which moves rapidly outward through the rings, with occasional pauses for some unknown reason. Upon passing this outermost ring, they suddenly disappear from perception, leaving no residual image or trace.
In some respects, the entire process resembles crudely the cycle of an innocent coping with an addictive drug or chemical such as alcohol. The first taste is scarcely palatable, but the effect is interesting, something new. When the opportunity arises, the neophyte takes two drinks just to see if the effect is enhanced—and it is. Uncontrolled, the pattern is all too familiar, all the way down to skid row. Nothing is more important to the wino, nothing occupies his thinking other than where the next shot or hit is coming from. Near-total amnesia is common, and more significantly, a lack of desire to change. He has forgotten who he is and couldn't care less. Reclamation and remembering is a slow and sometimes painful charade. Once achieved, however, the innocent has transformed into a state of being far different from the original first-taster. Where the analogy does not match: In the human life experience sequence, the change is permanent.
Another way to describe the process in contemporary terms: The Unit (the original you?) is attracted and drawn by the human earth energy field. The Unit decided to make a close-in pass-by through the field to obtain data and information. This reduces velocity in the Unit to a degree greater than that calculated to occur from friction, due to the unexpected adherence factor of the particles within the field. The reduction is so great as to fall below escape velocity, and the Unit moves inexorably into an elliptical orbit. At each apogee of the orbit, the Unit passes through the human earth energy field again and gathers additional adhering particles therefrom, causing greater reduction in velocity—which in turn lowers the perigee of the orbit. Finally, the orbit breaks down and succumbs to the now more powerful attraction of the field, and the Unit settles into the field itself, to become a part of it.
To launch and achieve escape velocity, the Unit must (1) remove the adhering particles that created the problem while retaining such information/data/experience so as to bring back Something of Value; (2) develop and store sufficient energy to achieve both launch and escape velocity, which infers a far greater amount than that available at the point of original entry under typical conditions, plus additional reserves to compensate for the extra payload on board.
The solution is made complex by the lack of efficient methods for proper detoxification and removal of adhered particles, as well as the availability of only the most primitive techniques for proper energy distillation and accumulation. Therefore, at best, extrication is a long and arduous process. The key is to begin first with ballistic trajectories, followed by elliptical orbiting, ever increasing the perigee until escape velocity is reached.
Thereafter, the Unit can return to its original base with its payload—or, with its increased energy, move on to greater exploration”. (Robert Monroe, “Far Journeys”).
Here it is not the whole text of the epilogue.

This chapter is entirely for citations taken from the book of Robert Monroe “Far Journeys” and dedicated to “loosh / love." I do so because the quotations do not fit in the previous chapter. I recommend to read to the end, because, as you will see, the opinion of Robert with respect to Hops will gradually undergo changes.
“Someone, Somewhere (or both, in millions, or uncountable) requires, likes, needs, values, collects, drinks, eats, or uses as a drug (sic) a substance ident Loosh. (Electricity, oil, oxygen, gold, wheat, water, land, old coins, uranium.) This is a rare substance in Somewhere, and those who possess Loosh find it vital for whatever it is used for.
Faced with this question of Supply and Demand (a universal law of Somewhere), Someone decided to produce it artificially, so to speak, rather than search for it in its "natural" form. He decided to build a Garden and grow Loosh.
In the natural state, Loosh was found to originate from a series of vibrational actions in the carbon-oxygen cycle and the residue was Loosh in varying degrees of purity. It occurred only during such action, and secondarily during the reactive process. Prospectors from Somewhere ranged far and wide in search of Loosh sources and new discoveries were hailed with much enthusiasm and reward.
So it was that Someone and his Garden changed all this. Far off, in a remote area, he set to work on his experiment. First, he created a proper environment for the carbon-oxygen cycle, where it would flourish. He created a Balance with much care, so that proper radiation and other nourishment would be in continuous supply.
He then tried his First Crop, which actually did produce Loosh, but only in small quantities and of comparatively low grade, not significant enough to take back to the heart of Somewhere. The problem was twofold. The life period was too short and the crop units themselves were too minute. This brought about limits in quality and quantity, as the crop had no time to generate Loosh in such close tolerances. Moreover, the Loosh could be harvested only at the moment of termination of the life span, not one moment before.
His Second Crop was no better, if as good. He changed the environment to another part of the Garden, where the density was gaseous rather than liquid and the higher-density chemicals formed a solid base and thus were still available. He planted numberless units in many varieties in a new form, with a great increase in size, some many thousands of times larger and more complex than the simple unicellular First Crop. He reversed the carbon-oxygen cycle. Yet all had a basic uniformity. Like the First Crop, they would reseed at regular intervals and terminate their life spans automatically. To avoid the uneven distribution of chemicals and radiation which had been prevalent in the First Crop, he immobilized the Second Crop. Each was designed to stay principally in its own section of the Garden. To this end, each was given firm tendrils which burrowed deep in the more dense chemical matter. Attached to this was a stem or trunk which helped elevate the upper portion upward for its share of needed radiation. The upper portion, broad, thin, and somewhat fragile, was designed as a transducer of carbon-oxygen compounds to and from the crop unit. As an added thought, brilliant color radiators accompanied by small particle generators were mounted on each unit, usually near the top and symmetrically centered.
He set up circulating patterns in the gaseous envelope around the crop, principally to aid in the reseeding process. Later, he discovered that the same turbulent effect served as a means of harvesting the Loosh. If the turbulence were violent enough, the Crop would be blown down, the life span terminated, and the Loosh would discharge. This was especially useful when an immediate Loosh supply was desired at a particular point rather than at Harvest Time.
Despite all of this, the Second Crop was most unsatisfactory. While it was true that a much greater quantity was attained, the unrefined Loosh produced was of such low grade that it was scarcely worth the effort. In addition, the growth period was now too long and no increase in quality resulted. Some vital element was missing.
Someone hovered over his Garden for a long period in study before he attempted the Third Crop. It was indeed a challenge. True, he was partially successful. He had grown Loosh. Yet the product of his efforts fell far short of the wild, uncultivated variety.
It was inevitable that he perceived the answer. The Third Crop was living proof of this Truth. The original carbon-oxygen cycle must be included.
Mobility must be restored. Both factors had shown great promise in high-grade Loosh production. If size could be added to this, much could be accomplished.
With this plan in the forefront, Someone removed various sample units from the First Crop, which was still thriving in the liquid portion of the Garden. He modified them to exist and grow in the gaseous area. He adapted them first to take nourishment from the Second Crop, which he permitted to abound for this very purpose. Thus it was that the first of the Mobiles, the Third Crop, came into being. The Mobiles took nourishment from the Second Crop, thus ending its life span and producing lowgrade Loosh. When each huge Mobile terminated its own life span, additional Loosh was produced. The quantity was massive, but the frequency pattern of the Loosh residue still left much to be desired.” (“Far Journeys”, Robert Monroe) ...
The story is long. Therefore, if you want to read it entirely, download and read the book “Far Journeys”. But finally, here is another quote that will help to understand the sense of “loosh”.
“Loosh, an energy generated by all organic life in varying degrees of purity, the clearest and most potent coming from humans—engendered by human activity which triggers emotion, the highest of such emotions being—love? Is love loosh?
(Continue, Ashaneen.)
But according to the rote, loosh is thrown off when life ends its physical existence, when pain occurs, anger, hate . . . these can't be the same as love.
(How would you define love in your terms?)
I knew that would be next in the order of things, and I couldn't come up with an answer. Throughout history, great minds and greater philosophers had given it a try, with only partial success, and I was none of these. I wouldn't even consider trying.
(But you know it exists. Love is not an illusion.)
I released the loosh rote and turned deeply inward, scanning. It was easier from this perspective, or perhaps it was the presence of the INSPEC energy. It presented itself much as a simultaneous mixture and sequence of musical chords and short melodies, only it wasn't sound, it was patterns in colors of light. Scattered among the clutter of harmony, dissonance, discord, excitement, fun, fear, and emotion, and beginning shortly after birth, I had the percept of occasional surges of white . . . first from my mother and father, then smaller flashes I was unable to identify as to source. I kept scanning through my early years for any slight glimmer of white originating in me, that / put forth. To my dismay, all I could find was one small white glow for an Airedale dog named Pete. I was certain that the girl in high school, what was her name? . . . not even a flicker, either way.
(Most common misconception, early-manifested survival drive.) I agreed. Yet I could understand why. The bright red and pink chords and urgent melody were impressive even from this viewpoint; no wonder an ignorant curl such as I was would come up with the wrong percept. I went on through the mess that was I in a fast-forward mode, and I could spot sure and solid white surges here and there of which I had then been unaware, and their reality depressed and saddened me—because I found no significant emission from me that was remotely similar. It was all coming in, and I took it and didn't respond. I finally cut it off, would go into it no further. I wasn't much of a loosh producer. Too many other color chord patterns and melodies. Except for now. I knew some strong emissions in a few points were coming out of me. Did it take that long!
(You understand waveforms. All come from the same baseline, the colors and the white. The difference is frequency and amplitude.)
I knew what THEY were doing, and I appreciated it. My focus was being diverted from what I thought was unpleasant back into an abstract yet trunk-and-roots position. Using the same stuff—interactive experience—one began to learn to express anger, pain, fear, and all the rest, and finally —hopefully, if you passed the course—a special energy waveform labeled love. Yet we don't really know what it is and, with my suspicion growing, how to really use it.
(A carefully designed school of compressed learning.)
To learn to be high-quality loosh/love producers. The fact that human physical consciousness was for the most part totally unaware of being involved in the process may be an important ingredient itself. Precious few are cognizant of the nonphysical agenda, at least overtly. It was getting pretty heavy for my cognizance. Yet I began to get a very faint percept, elusive but it was there. What would happen if the Guernsey cow did discover that her milk had value? What could she herself do with it if she didn't have a calf to feed it to? Could she save it? Could she spend it on more hay or protein-vitamin blocks to lick? What if she then discovered man was taking the milk she produced? Rebel, refuse to deliver any more milk? Then she would no longer have a pasture in which to graze, protection from wild dogs, a bull when she needed it, and most of all, no barn to go to where she could get relief from the pain. Without a sense of serial time, she forgets that the pain eases eventually. Perhaps even knowing, she wouldn't care. She wouldn't want to mess up a good thing. Therefore: Who cares? Who would care!
(To use your term, you can't beat the machine.)
The percept was still there, faint, still to be explained or satisfied. What about those who do beat the machine? There always have to be exceptions, no machine is perfect, only one anomaly is needed to prove a statistic or create one. Are they carted off to be ground up into hamburger meat? If so, is hamburger a sort of super loosh or something entirely different? Is this also a part of the machine product, or is it rust that is scraped away and discarded?
And the bull calves, what is their role? Never will be loosh producers; it takes only one bull for every fifty cows, so there's a surplus. In nature—the machine?—left alone, there's a way that is automatically taken care of . . . the impersonality of that prospect of dominance and predation is certainly not in the winning column. Hold it there, the percept is getting stronger. There would be no loosh production without at least one, uh, one bull. So he is an indirect loosh producer, vital to the method. That would infer, so are grass, hay, water, minerals, and the rest.
(Remember your waveforms, beat frequencies you like so much.)
Let's see, here. If a smart transmitter propagates certain waves, they can resonate with other related vibrations of like kind to form a multiple pattern which if thought of as light—would be: white! So in and of itself, you don't have to be the end-product antenna or transducer, just one of the oscillators. You may never display actual loosh radiation, but you have a vital part in its production. Remembering the scan of my early years, I felt much better.
(Then why are you disturbed?)
The percept still itched inside me, THEY were right. What would I do with loosh/love if I had a large warehouse full of it? Hand it out? It would only come back with interest and I would have to build another warehouse to hold the compounding, growing volume. The percept surged brightly.
It was so obvious . . . Someone, Somewhere. If I could . . .
(You are not ready at this point.)
Ready to go to Somewhere? To meet Someone? And in all of this, how do you fit in, my friend? If I had the courage to ask these . . .
(We are not Someone, as you put it, nor are we from the Somewhere you indicate. Also, we are not the keepers of the Garden of Earth, nor the gardeners. Nor do we collect and transfer human-developed loosh/energy elsewhere or when. We do not fit into any portion of the human compressed learning process. However, we have observed its generation and growth from its inception. We do participate when needed without interrupting the learning sequence. Such need is expressed when there is blockage in the flow. Such participation ultimately serves a vital need for us.)
I had a need to ask the question. Is . . .
(Somewhere is not the heaven of your history. It was created, as were all other systems.)
Then Someone . . .
(Is a creator who was created. You are a creator who was created. Each of you does carry a small rote, as you call it, of Someone, who created you. Through that rote of Someone, your creator, you carry a percept of the creator who created Someone.)
I turned inward. Even with this viewpoint, it was hard to set aside serial logic. The easy percept was how the multitude of distortions, misconceptions, misdirections came about. A little knowledge can be dangerous, and human creative imagination took over from there. If there had not been a Someone . . .
(Humans would not exist.)
I went over the idea of loosh/love. It must be quite a place to handle that much loosh, this Somewhere. It would fall neatly into many concepts of heaven. I grew wistful. Maybe we could go just to the edge of Somewhere, so I could get a feel of the place/state where there was so much love, surely near it, but not in it, just to observe from a distance. It would answer so much . . .” (“Far Journeys”, Robert Monroe).
(That is not too much to ask, Mister Monroe. We can arrange it. Close tightly . . .)


In front of me there is an amazing book of Russian spiritual seer. He has long gone away to another world, having spent many years of life in prison dungeons. This person is Daniel Andreev, and the book – “The Rose of the World”. It contains the truth, and that says it all.
We can long and unsuccessfully prove the veracity of such literature to the people extraneous to the esoteric. And all because they have not yet woken up to the invisible side of life, did not feel its invisible breath and subtle effect. Precisely because of the subtleties and invisibility it is hard to believe in this. Much easier to pay attention to things easily perceived by the usual senses.
“The Rose of the World” is a remarkable book. Although, in my opinion, the book has a lack of cold, unemotional approach. Author overly scares the readers, describing the demonic worlds and torments of sufferers. Buddhist calm impersonality is much better.
And a series of philosophical metaphysical moments the writer reveals not entirely accurately.
In addition, we can argue about limited role of woman in the creative process.
In all other respects the book is full of profound meaning. Every person, able to analyze occurring events, should read and comprehend it. I could praise this work for a long time. Especially good is the metaphysical analysis of what is happening. When you open it and read, you will understand why. And if you've already read, then most likely, you will agree with me.
The book of D. Andreev has a direct relation to our work.
What relation?
I will explain.
In “The Rose of the World” you can find multi-page descriptions of invisible worlds: ascending - light, angelic, and descending - dark, demonic. These worlds, despite of their invisibility, have material basis. They are populated by a huge number of creatures. And they all have some relation to the earthly world, somehow connected with it.
So what is that connection?
The connection is the most direct. All these worlds receive radiation from the earthly world. We, the earthly beings, nourish them with our emanations. And light and dark worlds exist in that form and shape, in which they exist, thanks to “radioactive fragrance” emitted by us. And they affect us, forcing emit the particles of different informational orientation.
If we think widely, nobly, with love and understanding - we nourish the worlds of light. And if our thoughts are dark, selfish, full of evil and hatred - this is the best food for the dark forces.
Remember that every step, every action, every thought and deed, as in a mirror, reflected in the Heavens and under the Earth. We at every moment change informational base (karma) of the planet, making the choice between good and evil, love and hate.
The light worlds of Daniel Andreev are the abode of the Spirit. The result of work of the Soul in the material world. It's all good and light - marble - which manages to get in the prison of life experience on the Earth. These areas are the repository of beauty.
The dark worlds are the result of the features of life in the grip of gravity. Millions of years of life on Earth, before human kingdom, when animals reigned on the planet, spawned a huge number of aggressive subtle forms. This is souls of animals, which were killing other life forms.
Then there appeared the kingdom of people. They have become the source of many “sinful” Souls, that forgetting of good intentions moved away from the light path. They supplemented the number of worlds created before them by animals. And, moreover, they created by their emanations new worlds inherent only for people.
Accordingly, after the death of these people, their souls could not ascend into the angelic realms, as this occurs in the case of pure souls. They “could not” not because they were not allowed, but due to the low aspiration of their consciousness. What was enjoyed during the lifetime, this will attract after death. This is the Law. That’s why the criminals of all stripes after death find themselves in subtle-material places that we call Hell.
Environment of dark worlds, however, as well as of light, is recreated by their inhabitants, and supported by them. If you do not aspire to the Light, the soul can become an inhabitant of this area and stays there for long.
Radiations of fear of “victims” are very important to the dark worlds. These emanations maintain their informational content. After all, if there is no fear, then its inhabitants can begin to transform into light. And they do not want change because transformation seems to them as death (which is partly true). They want to stay forever in their appearance and nature. And only information of fear and other sinful emotions and thoughts allows them to remain who they are. Demons.
Perhaps they feel it and unconsciously or consciously are looking for sources of such radiations in the animal and human worlds. And when they do not consume such energy for a long time, apparently they lose the very meaning of their existence.
And, as you remember, any emanation of our worlds is a radioactive fragrance - complex particles released from the chemical elements of our bodies under the influence of the particles of subtle Plans.
Not only our Soul is able to extract from our bodies this fragrance. Are capable and external influences - light and dark.
Of course, the Light Beings do not use such opportunity without the will of creature (human, animal). But the Darks do this very often. At every opportunity, if the protection of the Light of the human is weak, they tend to affect the mind and emotions, causing in it all kinds of negative feelings and thoughts.
Let’s take at least the mechanism of the state power based on fear. Just go to the prosecutor's office of any city as you start to feel the overwhelming impact of some subtle beings living there. In prisons this effect is manifested even in larger scale. In the military institutions it is less, because the military perform not only punitive but also protective functions. And, therefore, not only Darks, but also the Lights affect them. The same can be said about the police.
As you can see, we are inextricably linked to the subtle worlds. We nourish them. They affect us.
The question arises. Why dark subtle essences that live in the depths of the Earth, and partly on the surface, do not turn to the light and do not leave the planet?
After all, the universe is so great. It's so spacious. Probably it’s better to travel than to live in narrowness. Perhaps these entities are afraid to lose their nature.
If they want to go beyond the Earth, they must be changed. They will have to overcome a shield (Heaven's Gate) of the Forces of Light. The Darks will have to come into contact with the Light Beings. And the power of the Light is more. The Darks cease during this contact to be evil. But this means that they will cease to be who they are. And it frightens them.
Therefore, they continue to hide in the catacombs and bowels of the planet and greedily devour the evil emanations of people and animals, feeding off by them. By the way, minerals and plants do not kill anyone. Therefore, they do not radiate evil.
But sooner or later they will have to come out to the surface and collide with the Light. Armageddon is coming.


Dark worlds are composed of particles, mainly of three lower Plans - Physical, Astral and Mental. Three sixes – 666. The Number of the Beast. Each “Six” is a symbol of particles of one of the Plans. Three sixes we should portray in the form of trefoil. This is one of the types of crosses. Cross is the intersection or the union together. Crossroads.
There are other crosses. Infinity symbol is a symbol of the plant kingdom. Two Plans - Physical and Astral. Swastika - four petals – is a symbol of the human kingdom. The Buddhic Plan added to the 666. There is also cinquefoil - star and sexfoil - Star of David or Seal of Solomon. This is addition respectively of Atmic and Monadic Plans. Symbols of superhuman kingdoms. They are coming in the End of the World – of humanity.
Physical, astral and mental plans are the hosts of the dense part of the Earth. They dominated everywhere inside us. Collectively, they form the Devil - the World's Evil of the planet Earth.
Among them there are particles of the Buddhic Plan. This is the souls of those people that left the light path. Basically, into the purgatories get there not the Buddhi, but astral and mental bodies of people, seceded during the death. Perhaps that is why our emotional and mental body so afraid of death. It anticipates what awaits it after death. Human Soul - Buddhi - cleared from the earthly is much faster and easier. Therefore, it ascends much earlier, except serious crimes connected with violence. But the fact of soul’s control in the process of incarnation suggests a pure life, without such atrocities.
Now, let’s talk about the light worlds.
In contrast to the dark, there are dominated the particles of the highest Plans. However, as we remember, the light worlds are the repositories of radioactive fragrance. And it contains particles of 6 Plans. Consequently, in the heavens above, you can find all the particles of 6 Plans. And the percentage of the lower Plans there is large enough. In contrast to the dark worlds, where the highest Plans are very little, and they are held there by force. No, in Heaven all is voluntarily and without coercion.
But, of course, the main inhabitants of heaven are the particles of Monadic and Buddhic Plans. They are in the majority there, especially the first two. This is the territory of ​​the Spirit, or, of Will, in other words, if we look into the books of Alice Bailey.
Buddhi as well as Mental - are intermediaries. Soul. The bridge between Matter (Physical and Astral) and Spirit (Atmic and Monadic). Buddhi prevail in the light lower worlds, adjacent to the dense part of the planet.


We have considered the approximate composition of materiality of the light and dark worlds of Shadanakar, following the terminology of D. Andreev. Now you know about the relation to each other of living beings on the Earth and subtle worlds, penetrating or surrounding the planet. Living creatures nourish them by their own emanations - complex particles (radioactive fragrance). These rays (particles) are been accumulating in the shell surrounding and penetrating the Earth. This shell is the highest Plans, the Planetary Logos - the Word of God, Energy that nourishes the planet and affects it.
In the Secret Doctrine Helena Blavatsky says that the Logoi create the planets. In reality Logoi do not create, but use celestial bodies. All celestial bodies appear spontaneously during the processes of gravity and antigravity. This is ejections from the depths of a larger body.
Logos surrounds a celestial body and immersed in it (in the Matter) in order to create a Divine Body - perfect, by supplementing it by the particles of the lower Plans. They are needed it to balance the Yin and Yang.
Only in the lower Plans the gravity is strong. It stabilizes the body of the Logos. It helps not to be excessively expanded.
When the Logos will collect enough number of particles of the lower Plans, extracting them from the substance of the planet, it considers its mission accomplished and can leave the Celestial Body.
I.e. as you see, the Matter (the lower Plans) really is not an independent principle. It is used and directed by the Soul and Spirit, which have a higher rate of emission of energy.
And also you have to understand how valuable every second of life of every living creature on the planet. Everyone is busy running time, accumulating “life experience” – i.e. Fifth Element, which, thanks to the content of the particles of the lower Plans, will stabilize body of the Logos and make it perfect.
All living beings are engaged in this work. All are on the different stages and levels. But the work of each is very important, even of the smallest creature, whose life, it would seem, has no any value.
In its turn, all entities of the highest Plans must acquire experience of life in Matter. They have to dive into it and extract what will make their bodies divine, perfect. Otherwise, they just will not be included in the new body of the Logos. The new body of the Logos is a New Earth and New Heaven.
So, even if your life at this moment for some reason seems to you heavy, dull and devoid of meaning, do not despair.
And remember that you're not here forever. This is only a step of the way, the process of extraction of something, what will allow you to continue your extraordinary adventure in Heaven, whose name is “life”. You are an angel descended from heaven to collect gold pollen that will make your wings even more beautiful and perfect.
And we must help other creatures on the planet to ascend.

We can say that the Logos is a school that helps the spiritual, subtle beings of the universe to gain experience of life in Matter and take from it all that harmonizes their bodies.


Involution and evolution. Compression and expression.
Despite the opposite direction, these two processes are intimately connected with each other and are interdependent.
Involution is immersion of the Spirit into Matter.
Evolution is ascension of the Matter into Heaven (the areas of Spirit).
The involution is directed downward, evolution - up.
But the purpose of both is one - to help to unite the Spirit and Matter.
Evolution would not be without involution. Involution does not make sense without evolution.
Ascension of Matter to Heaven is the production of radioactive fragrance. This book is devoted to this.
People often repeat the word “evolution”.
Evolution is a synonym for development. “Evolve” means to progress, to develop.
It is believed that life on the Earth is continuously evolving – i.e. it is moving to perfection.
That's right. But why do people forget about involution? Why do they not say anything about this?
Because the world of science still stubbornly adheres to the position of materialism. Only what can be identified by the senses organs or registered with the help of devices exists for scientists. And since modern instruments and view of normal scientist does not observe the phenomena of the Spirit, therefore, they do not exist.
That's why people do not know anything about the underlying causes of evolution. And the reason is involution - the descent of the Spirit on Earth to explore the Matter and carry away to Heaven. And this process of ascension - this is known to us from textbooks evolution.


I love the books of Kryon, written by Lee Carroll. They carry a huge mass of true thoughts and a powerful charge of love, which captures the essence of Heaven. The Heavens are full of love. Only on the Earth there is a little of it.
In the books of Kryon it says that we are all the future graduates of the School of Ascension. Oh, how true it is!
And particular colors in our aura will show to everyone what kind of “school” we graduated.
It’s just so. With us will be the information component of our experience. And anyone who in the future will meet us there, behind the veil, in Heaven, always will know who we are and where from.
Our earthly past will stay with us forever as a memory. Apparently, the experience of life on these planets is very much appreciated in the universe, like a rare diamond.


  I am deeply convinced that absolutely every book is a grain of truth. Even if it is full of lies. Any.
Book - is someone's view of the world. Taken together, books form a literary mosaic of human views and ideas. In each you can find something valuable and interesting.
I can read books on any topic and find them interesting. Nevertheless, I have favorite authors and preferred genres. These are books that contribute to my spiritual growth.
Books on theosophy, occultism, treatises of the world's religions. This also includes the scientific literature, all, without exception. The trend of thought, which got the popularity thanks to Alice Bailey - New Age. New Era.
Autobiographies. The huge reservoir of fiction literature. Most often it is a classic.
Humorous and children's literature.
These books are most often found on my desktop.
Scientific literature, the Bible, the books of Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, E. and N. Roerich, Robert Monroe, Kryon, D. Andreev, Stanislav Grof, C. Castaneda, books on Buddhism, books about astral travels, lucid dreaming and out of body experiences.

Now you approximately know about the true meaning of life.
This is the production of radioactive fragrance during immersion of the Spirit into Matter.
In the next book we will consider the features of life on Earth and on the planets of different types. We will describe the future that awaits humanity and the planet when a biological life on Earth would be impossible. And of course we in details will tell about the End of the World and its stages.

Thank you very much for your attention!
With love, Tatiana Danina.